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Welcome To Little Cove Currumbin

Little Cove Currumbin is directly opposite a beautiful lagoon and the ocean which means when you wake up in the morning you are waking up to the perfect setting and a beautiful view.

There is also the Australian bush right behind us, so even though you are close to restaurants and bars, you are still in the part of Australia that everyone dreams of, perfect blue seas, wildlife and the Australian bush.

With the world famous Currumbin bird sanctuary close by where you can stroke a kangaroo or have your picture taken with a koala, what could be a better way to remember your Australian holiday?

Why Choose Us?

We at Little Cove Currumbin are world famous for our magnificent views and location, especially of surrounding lagoons and beaches. We are conveniently located close to many attractions, restaurants and bars.

Our high quality location can leave you feeling as if you are still at home but on holiday.
We can offer you the perfect background for your holiday.

We offer competitive prices especially for what we have to offer, and the service you shall receive will be second to none, you will find little cove to be a home away from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the resort suitable for children?

Yes at Little Cove we have large spacious apartments so that the children can have their own bedroom and space to play, we also have satellite television so they can watch what they like when they like. We also have a large swimming pool, and we are close to the famous Currumbin bird sanctuary.

How close are you to local shops, bars and beaches?

We are within a 5 minute walk from the beach and lagoon which can be seen from our resort. We are also within a 2-3 minute walk from bars and restaurants, so there is no need to be paying for taxis or buses when you want to go for a night out. There is also The Pines Shopping Centre close by.

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Little Cove Currumbin